Best way to find a Professional Court Reporter

What does a court reporter do?

Court reporters may operate in courtrooms but also found in many other fields. They provide captioning services for the people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing; they also broadcast closed captioning and also takes part in legal depositions and meetings of shareholders. There is a huge demand for court reporters for different purposes because of their skills to record and transcribe.

What is Stenography

The use of a stenotype machine by court reporters to record and provide verbatim transcripts of the proceedings is called stenography.  With the help of a program, reporters capture spoken words in the form of a phonetic code on a stenotype, a sound or syllable was represented by characters of each line. Then the code was translated into written text for final documentation.

There are some skills that a professional court reporter must have:

  • His/her English grammar, punctuation and spelling knowledge must be brilliant
  • They must have a shorthand typing speed of at least about 225 wpm
  • The understanding of medical terminology and legal principles is must
  • Must have good interpersonal skills
  • Must understand and respect the legal and business morals
  • The CAT (computer-aided transcription) and real-time writing must be excellent

Form where you can hire excellent court reporters?

Because of the exceeding demands and lack of truly professional and skilled court reporters, it’s hard to find one. If you hired someone who is not enough professional, educated or skilled; the transcripts done by him will be of low quality or no use at all. So, it would be better if you hire someone from a trusted firm or association.

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