3 Major Consequences Of Drinking Too Much

Moderate and occasional drinking is acceptable since most of the time it cannot be avoided. It is also a form of socialization and having fun with different people in your circle. And we can say there is nothing wrong with drinking if you know your limit and you know how to control yourself. However, if it gets out of hand, different sorts of trouble may come.

Excessive drinking can significantly impact your life and your future too. It does not only bring about problems and stresses, but it may have long-term effects which you might regret soon. There are many times in the past where good and law-abiding citizens get their lives destroyed because of alcohol.

When you are under the influence of alcohol, your mental, emotional and physical state are affected. It means you are not able to function naturally; thus your decision-making and critical senses are not as sharp as how they are supposed to be.

Here are the significant consequences of drinking too much. You may find yourself in one or more or all of these situations if you are not careful with drinking.

Health Deterioration

When you drink too much, your body will become reliant on it. And when you try to avoid or stop drinking, you may feel adverse effects called the withdrawal symptoms. When you are in this phase, you may feel a thirst for alcohol. And if you don’t drink, you may have body tremors. You will be shaky everywhere, and it is difficult to do anything steadily. You may also quickly get sick. However, once you are done with the phase, things will get better as long as you continue to stay clean. However, there are also long term effects of drinking heavily. Your liver may face serious consequences such as cancer. You may also have different heart illnesses. Thus, it is better to stop or regularize your drinking as much as possible.

Social Degeneration

When you become a drunkard, there is a huge tendency that your social life will deteriorate. Your social circle may start avoiding you when they see the effects of alcohol on you. On the other side, you may not feel the urge to be with the people you love and enjoy being with. You may feel like staying alone, having your world and just drinking. If it continues, you might lose many friends and loved ones which you will regret in the end.


As mentioned earlier, when under the influence of alcohol, your senses are altered. Therefore, you may get into serious car accident especially when you like to drink and drive. If it happens, you will need to hire the services of a Houston TX DWI lawyer to get you out of trouble. However, getting caught and charged is not the worse; you may also hurt or worse kill yourself in the process. You may also unintentionally hurt other people, and that is a cause of a lifetime of regrets. So while you can, avoid drinking too much and if possible, do not drive when drunk.

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